Maybe you have hired a career or business coachand you have outlined strategy and a roadmap together.
You have seen some success, but know that there is so
much more untapped potential that lies dormant within you.
You have yet to manifest the successful life
that you most desire. You are tired of living beneath your purposed and know
that there is so much more to you than what others around
you acknowledge. This is why I am here. 

I’m here to help you…

Amplify Your Impact

Discover the power of self-love with “My Journey Back to Me”, the 6-week program for strong and successful single women over 40 who want to increase their value by prioritizing their own needs and desires. Led by an experienced coach, our program will empower you to break free from people-pleasing and rediscover your true self through the power of self-love. Create a personal core values system that aligns with your authentic self, and start attracting the right people and opportunities into your life.

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I’m here to help you…

Attract Relationships that enrich your life

Unleash the secret to attracting high-value relationships by tapping into the power of self-love with “My Will 2 Love.” This 12-week experience is tailor-made for exceptional single women of color over 40 who are determined to seize control of their relationships. Embrace practical techniques for meeting like-minded individuals and the love of your life. Embrace vulnerability, relinquish control, and set healthy boundaries to love yourself unconditionally. With “My Will 2 Love,” you will conquer past relationship trauma and blossom into your best self to attract the high-value relationships you truly deserve.

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I’m here to help you…

Take your career to the next level

Take control of your professional and personal life by unlocking your inner power with the Leading from Your Center of Resilience and Empowerment (CORE)™ course program. Led by Dr. Christi, this program will help you align your core values with your career goals, empower you to stand in your power unapologetically, and enable you to take control of your thoughts and actions. By utilizing the S.T.A.Y. method, participants can create a tailored action plan to overcome obstacles, build resilience and self-empowerment skills, and reach their full potential.

Walk into your purpose with newfound confidence, apply to work with Dr. Christi.

You will enhance your value and worth, and become highly appreciated and respected, more so than ever before

Because you personify self-love in a way that overflows into EVERY area of your life.

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