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Dr. Christi Monk  is an author, coach, trainer, and international speaker committed to providing diversity and inclusion consulting and mediation services that allow organizations to create a culture of connectedness. We offer programs that improve organizational performance, individual engagement, and working relationships using a core values focused methodology to develop high- performance individuals and teams. Our core belief is when individuals align their core values to drive their career choices, organizations attract and retain top talent, conflict resolution is improved, diversity and inclusion co-exist, employee engagement is heightened, and operational goals are achieved. 


Theresa Wilson, MBA

You have been my support and kept me accountable, you assisted me in navigating the new direction; yet, remain true to myself and in doing so I have found my career place. The resources and tools you have provided me have been invaluable. You never made any decisions for me but you asked the right questions to make me think about things from all angles in a strategic manner. With my newly sharped agility and strategic thinking skills I am a better employee, wife, mother and friend. I will continue to keep you abreast of my career moves as I plan to move forward with TL Wilson Learning Solutions. For your partnership on my past journey, I will forever be grateful. Again, thank you and many blessings!

Anne Reed

The support of her mentorship has helped me with my coping skills as recent as last week we had a conversation and during that conversation I realized she is going to help many women like myself. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Monk and utilizing her expertise as my life coach. My Prayer through her program I become a better woman and a strong support system for woman that are in similar situations as my own.
Thank you Dr. Monk!

Jazmine Danyale

I recently receiving a 9% increase and am making a name for positive name for myself. I have been selected to go to leadership training. This is a testament to the mentoring and coaching I received from Dr. Monk still today. I am happy to say I will also receive my MBA in June. None of this would have been possible if it was not for the sound values instilled in me by Dr. Monk when I was a young woman new to the working class. Her experience, knowledge and education are priceless!



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