…and escaping the trap of being a public success and private failure


Dr. Christi is ready to serve as your coach and guide you through each phase of creating the successful life you desire most. You will quickly realize that success has been at your fingertips all along. You just needed the right coach with a proven plan tailored to help you get there. Dr. Christi supports you to increase your value, attract high value relationships and attain your dream career.

Dr. Christi coaches you through a journey of self discovery to better understand your self worth and experience increase in self love and confidence to walk fully in your authentic self.

Dr. Christi coaches you through a journey of how to radiate and maintain proper self image to attract healthier and high value connections in all aspects of your life.

Dr. Christi coaches you through a journey to confidently create and secure a more fulfilling and successful career that highlights your unique strengths and best qualities.

Dr. Christi is a change-agent for businesses and organizations seeking significant improvement in their work environments and individual performance.  Well sought after by corporations, schools and small business leaders, Dr. Christi served as an executive coach to many corporate leaders across the globe.  Dr. Christi realizes that success does not start at work, but starts with you as a person. For this reason, Dr.Christi’s services encompass her signature approach that empowers each individual to clearly identify and apply their core values for optimum results in both work and life. 

Janelle E. Taylor

Dr. Christi Monk is a powerhouse of knowledge in education, professional growth and corporate culture. Her trademarked “Bold Moves” workshop was my introduction to her outstanding training and assessment tool kit. I was inspired by her expansive skill set and results produced in Communications, Conflict Resolutions, Career Development and Leadership Training. In 2020-2021, Dr. Monk volunteered with the National Contract Management Association(NCMA), Tyson’s Corner Chapter as Co-Chairperson of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee and Also supported the chapter as speaker for the virtual Impact Forum and Career Fair. She continues to make a difference in both personal and professional lives of individuals and groups that she serves through a multitude of organizations. I look forward to engaging her services for future projects.

Na’Tasha Pritchett, M.Ed.

Dr. Christi Monk has done an outstanding job collaborating, being a subject matter expert, moderating and presenting information regarding relevant career development content along with sharing original content from her library of resources to include the “Bold Moves Experience” and much more. Dr. Christi has spent countless hours sharing her creative ideas and delivering empowering content to the University of Phoenix student, alumni and community members at large. The Northern Virginia/DC Metro Service Center is forever grateful for her expertise, wisdom, and can do attitude. When called upon, Dr. Christi makes the effort to be available to plan, consult, and even to encourage those in need. She is the consummate professional, speaker, moderator and team player. Her body of work speaks for itself, and she is just getting started!

Tondra Richardson

Certified Diversity Professional

I first learned about Dr. Monk from colleagues who had participated in her Bold Moves Experience. Hearing such positive feedback from the participants led me to engage Dr. Monk in facilitating a session for our faculty and staff. She led a session entitled, Understanding Guilt & Shame: Living Beyond Traditional Expectations which was extremely engaging and informative. Since first facilitating the Bold Moves Experience for our organization, several others have sought the services and expertise of Dr. Monk. She continues to serve as a valuable resource as we all work to facilitate more equitable and empowering workplaces.

Verlinda T. Saunders, MBA, MIS

Education Advocate | Connector

Dr. Monk has been a great go-to resource for curated content specializing in DEI, leadership, conflict resolution, workplace communication, career and personal development. Her approach is not only research based but she can deliver impactful content to all levels from executives to individual contributors. She has provided content at community events, internal events, and private invite-only events for me. She has mastered the art of speaking to diverse populations while making the content relatable, relevant, timely, engaging, and applicable. After each of her sessions I receive positive survey results from attendees internally and externally that quantify the quality she provides. That’s why she remains a go-to resource because of her proven track record to not only deliver quality content with planning but also within short notice. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for action and implementation.

Monica Warren, MBA, ITIL

I’m so grateful for being introduced to Dr. Monk. I attended three of her workshops through National Black MBA Charlotte Chapter. I instantly felt a connection with Dr. Monk and immediately signed up for her “Elevate Her 6-Week Jumpstart Program”. Before meeting Dr. Monk, I was lost. I no longer knew who I was nor what I wanted to do in my career. As an African American woman in the technology field, I was broken. We explored all the areas of my life and were able to pinpoint where it all began. Some actions that I took away and practice everyday are:

1. Standing in my power daily unapologetically.
2. Take control of my thoughts and actions.
3. Assess whose help I need.
4. Yield to the woman I was created to be.

I highly recommend Dr. Monk. As a result of her coaching, I’m more bold, confident and most importantly, I’m authentically me.



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