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Christi Monk and Associates is an organizational development consulting firm focused on creating thriving organizations and productive and engaged individuals.

It is essential to have a realistic understanding of who you are and how you impact others. This awareness often takes years of mindful practice to develop, and many careers have stalled or ended because the process began too late.

Through a combination of assessment, coaching, and support, Christi Monk and Associates creates the opportunity for people to take full advantage of their natural skills and interests, and to develop new ways to effectively achieve both their own goals and the goals of their organizations.


Dr. Christi Monk and Associates uses a core-values and brain-based coaching method to provide individuals a safe space to have honest dialogue, question, reflect, and move forward towards personal development.  Regardless of an individual’s role within an organization, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills, and social awareness play a vital role in both professional development and reinforcing corporate culture and expectations.


Nothing is more critical to a company’s success than building an engaging and inspiring culture across all dimensions. We help ensure that a company’s values don’t just live on paper but are lived and seen across the behavior of all employees. We partner with leaders to define their vision and map out their future success. We work with teams to add inspiration and purpose for every individual. We offer the support and training needed to ensure each participant walks away with new skills. We provide ongoing success by working with a company to refine or create a complete training solution to retain top talent, improve employee engagement, reduce conflict.


DR. CHRISTI MONK is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Bullying Expert, and Organizational Leadership and Development Consultant. After quitting her job almost four years ago because she was unfulfilled and tired of taking jobs that did not align with her core values, she developed the S.T.A.Y. model. ™ – which teaches you how to stand in your power unapologetically, take control of your thoughts and actions, assess whose help you need so that you can yield to the authenticity of you. Christi has shared the stage with the likes of Star Jones, Kim Coles and George Fraser. She presented her published work, entitled Workplace Bullying – In Search of Clearer at the No More Harm conference in Australia, and has appeared on several podcasts.



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