March 1 is the first day of #Women’s History Month. We will celebrate the accomplishments of women from the past, present, and future. The world may not infamously know many of us, but that does not dictate the level of power and influence we have in our environments. 2017 was a pivotal year for the voice of the woman. Women have begun to walk in their ability by using their voices to change how women are viewed and treated #globally.
I concur with #Oprah’s Golden Globe message that so eloquently highlights that women will no longer be held hostage to their truths out of fear of a man and his power. For decades women have always displayed the ability to think strategically, build key relationships, be excellent communicators, inspire others, use their passion and commitment to drive positive change, and are good at making decisions. These are just a few characteristics that can be intimidating to a man.
This article is not to male bash. The intent is to show women how much power they innately have. The real meaning of being a #powerful woman is to stand boldly in your truth. When women stand in their truth, they have full control over their lives.
How do you think women can #standintheirtruth?
I will share my thoughts tomorrow.

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