Dr. Christi Monk,

I want to thank you for helping me navigate the waters of my career and give you an update on where I am today. Your guidance has helped me find my true purpose. As you are well aware my past my journey has had various shifts and turns, your coaching has taught me to find comfort in sitting still. Sitting still has always been a challenge for me but with your coaching I am now able to sit still and work on my future without panicking and making a drastic move in the wrong direction. During your coaching I have reached several milestones; I received my MBA and I started a career in Training and Development. Most recently I have been offered a position as Manager of Technical Training. In the past I would have taken the position without negotiating for what I wanted, now I am confident enough to bring my list of asks to the negotiation table. You have been my support and kept me accountable, you assisted me in navigating the new direction; yet, remain true to myself and in doing so I have found my career place. The resources and tools you have provided me have been invaluable. You never made any decisions for me but you asked the right questions to make me think about things from all angles in a strategic manner. With my newly sharped agility and strategic thinking skills I am a better employee, wife, mother and friend. I will continue to keep you abreast of my career moves as I plan to move forward with TL Wilson Learning Solutions. For your partnership on my past journey, I will forever be grateful. Again, thank you and many blessings!

Theresa Wilson, MBA

I’ve known Ms. Monk for more than 25 years and during this time I have watched her grow, educate and develop many of us.

In the last five years I had had several life transitions and Christi had become a confidant which quickly turned into a mentorship because I found myself utilizing the tools and action plans that she would suggest for me. After awhile it just became natural for me to reach out to her as challenges and dilemmas would arise she help me understand my prospective and assist me in reaching solution that would have a positive outcome. I know throughout several challenges in my life without her coaching and development somedays were almost impossible to tackle. The support of her mentorship has helped me with my coping skills as recent as last week we had a conversation and during that conversation I realized she is going to help many women like myself. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Monk and utilizing her expertise as my life coach. My Prayer through her program I become a better woman and a strong support system for woman that are in similar situations as my own.

Thank you Dr. Monk!

Anne Reed

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Christi Monk in 2007 when she was a director of the company that I work for. Under her management I can testify that her leadership skills have left a lasting impact to my individual growth. When I began with my organization I was fresh out of high school with limited skills and outlook for my future. I had a young daughter to support while beginning college that year as well. Dr. Monk took me under her wing and added life changing perspectives to what I could expect from corporate America. She instilled a sound work ethic in me and taught me how to successfully apply myself to seize opportunities and grow through experience and education. She encouraged and coached me to complete school and take advantage of opportunities available.

I am currently still employed with the same company, however I have progressed into a professional salaried role. I recently receiving a 9% increase and am making a name for positive name for myself. I have been selected to go to leadership training. This is a testament to the mentoring and coaching I received from Dr. Monk still today. I am happy to say I will also receive my MBA in June. None of this would have been possible if it was not for the sound values instilled in me by Dr. Monk when I was a young woman new to the working class. Her experience, knowledge and education are priceless!

Jazmine Danyale

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