So Who Is Dr. Christi…

As a leader – known as the go-to for validation and clarification to the people around me, I felt like I was seriously letting them down. I was struggling with what this whole leadership title really meant.

That “you’re not good enough to be here” feeling seemed to keep me stuck – and my authentic voice was consistently unheard.

I didn’t feel very much like a leader. It seemed my workplace had this sort of clique I was not part of. I constantly felt like the outsider – not one of the popular people – and my ideas and influence never fully appreciated.

What kind of leader was I really?

As a natural introvert, I was constantly observant – figuring out the best way to share an idea. Introverts tend to process things deeply but it was giving off the perception that perhaps I wasn’t as interested or knowledgeable as my more talkative, outgoing peers.

Of course this wasn’t true, but I had succumb to their perception of who I was (self-fulfilling prophecy) and many times found myself on the “outside” and being passed over. It wasn’t until I received two severance packages that I realized I was being singled out – being treated differently. But in most organizations that is considered the way businesses operate. Little did I know I had been bullied.

Now you may think bullying has been buried deep with all those high school memories – along with bad hair choices – but my front row seat assured me bullying was alive and well in the workplace.

How could I wake up every Monday morning excited about my career and life?

I was determined to find out. After finally taking a bold stance to stop letting others define my path and working to unravel the mistruths that I had succumbed to (personally and professionally), I was been able to find the secret to what it meant to be a leader.

And now I help other women do the same. I help them to see that being a leader is not a role. It’s not a buzzword. It’s who you are. It’s what you do.

You are already influential and your credibility and value have a much needed place.

That’s why I focus on getting to the root of that insecurity that holds you back. By defining what workplace bullying looks like and how it fosters an unsafe or hostile work environment, I empower women and companies to enhance their diversity and inclusion awareness so the workplace can be a place for all employees to flourish, where voices are heard, goals are established (and put into action), and the feeling of confidence is encouraged.

Read more about my approach in my published work:

Workplace Bullying—In Search of a Clearer Definition.

Here’s how it goes down…

We get crystal clear on who you are, how you can walk in your power, set boundaries and with excitement (and full out swagger) to get your voice heard. You will be able to confront the fear of being bullied, letting everyone else talk for you, and seclusion behind you – for good.

It’s time to leave insecurity in your past.

So if you are ready to uncover what the confident and bold you looks like – then I can’t wait to get to know you.

My professional qualification (the stuff that keeps me in-the-know):

  • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership Studies: University of Phoenix
  • Masters in Management: Dallas Baptist University
  • Certified Trainer for the Workplace Bullying and Mediation Training Institutes
  • Certified Life Purpose Coach and Conflict Resolution Workplace and Family Mediation.
  • Member of National Association of Professional Women, FEW (Federally Employed Women, and Life Purpose Coaching Centers.
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