Organizational Development

Creating Cultures of Connectedness

The Workplace Leadership Institute trains organizations and their employees on how to create a culture of connectedness. Every organization’s primary focus should be on retaining your best asset which is your human capital. We offer programs that improve employee engagement and improved working relationships. Our core belief is healthy and safe work environments create productive, engaged, and happy employees.


The Confidence Suite is a program that teaches women how to tap into their core
value system so they are more affective, productive, confident and
influential contributors in the workplace and their
communities. By focusing on the core value system
and regaining confidence, women will improve their
communication style, interpersonal skills, and social
skills all of which result in personal satisfaction.

I would love to work with you.

A Personal Note

Like many women I was unhappy in my personal life and even more frustrated professionally. There is no feeling worse than being surrounded by people who think that you have it all together and they look to you for validation and clarification in their lives. Yet, I often felt alone partially because I was afraid to show my inadequacies and share what I was most fearful of (I just couldn’t let the people down…) After seeking coaching for myself, I have been able to take the steps to do what I had been purposed to do. You guessed it, that’s how The Confidence Suite was birthed. AND YES-COACHING DOES WORK!!!

I finally took a bold stance to stop letting others define my path and worked to unravel the mistruths that I have succumbed to personally and professionally. I have been able to find the “real me” and my new found freedom is unexplainable!!! Let me partner with you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation to finding the real you. You will be glad you did.

“The true depiction of a woman is what she knows to be true about herself. Know who you are and walk boldly in it!”

~Dr. Christi Monk